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Norman Virus Control provides a complete antivirus solution for protection of your computer and laptops (Windows, Linux and OS/2)

This award winning software includes Norman SandBox which enables detection of viruses and worms before signature files have been released.

Automatic update of signature files over the Internet and a central management makes the suite very easy to install, use and maintain.


Key features

  • Protects network infrastructure
  • Detects and disinfects viruses
  • Installs quickly and easily
  • Updates automatically
  • Is managed centrally
  • Detect new and unknown virus and worms (Norman SandBox)
  • Automatic updates over the Internet - complete product and incremental updates of definition files
  • Proactive email and newsgroup scanning


The product combines advanced signature scanning technology with heuristic analysis and macro certification techniques to help prevent both known and unknown viruses from infecting the system, as well as clearing any existing infections. NVC can identify and remove all types of virus, including file and boot sector viruses without the machine having to be restarted with a clean diskette.