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Technical support is available between 09:00 to 18:30 Monday - Friday on 08717 890190

Outside of these hours requests for support can emailed to us at Helpdesk where they are automatically logged by our support tracking system.

Our technical staff can provide assistance on setting up your Realemail email account. In addtion support is available for "Dial up" & "Broadband" issues on condition that the connection is provided by Realemail (Dial up) or I T S Internet (Broadband).

We are unable to provide support on connectivity problems where we are not the provider.

Standard software support covers configuration for Microsoft Outlook Express & Microsoft Outlook, problems with collecting or sending of emails.

Where 3rd party Anti Virus software causes any of the above issues, Realemail support will endeavour to resolve but cannot guarantee a successful outcome. Realemail recommends Norman Virus Control for protection of your PC when accessing the Internet. Our support team are fully trained in the installation and configuration of the product.

Technical support is available for issues not covered by standard support . This is charged per incident.

Details on our Remote Support options are available here