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Download set up file here 


Manual Instructions for Windows 98


1) Double-click on 'My Computer' and then 'Dial-up Networking'.

2) Double click the 'Make New Connection' icon.

3) A dialogue box will open which will welcome you to the Network Connection Wizard, click 'next'.

4) Type a name for your new connection, such as 'Realemail'. Select your installed modem from the 'select a device' drop down menu and click 'next'.

5) Type in  08440570703  into the 'Telephone number' box (leave area code blank) and select 'United Kingdom' from the 'Country or region' drop down menu, and click next.

6) Click 'Finish'.

7) To use your new Realemail Internet connection, double click the 'realemail' icon.


 8) Type in your 'username' realemailuser42 and your 'password' realemail and select the 'Save password' box and click 'connect'. You will now be connected to the internet.




 Manual Instructions for Windows XP



 1) To begin, click the Windows Start menu, select 'Settings', select

'Dial-up Networking'.

2) In the window that opens, click on the 'Network and Internet Connections' icon.

3) On the next screen, choose the 'Create a new connection'. The 'New Connect Wizard' will now open, click 'Next'.

4) On this screen select 'Connect to the Internet' and click 'next'.

5) Select 'Set up my connection manually' and click 'next'.

6) Choose 'Connect using a dial-up modem' and click 'next'.

7) Type a name for your new ISP Name, such as 'realemail', and click 'next'.

8)Type in 08440570703  into the 'Telephone Phone number box', and click 'next'.

9) Choose the 'Anyones use' option, and click 'next'.

10) On this screen, type in your 'username' realemailuser42 and your 'passwords' realemail. Select the first two check boxs and leave the last one blank. Click 'next'.

11) Select the tick box to create a shortcut to the desktop and click 'Finish'.


 To use your new realemail Internet connection click on the shortcut on your desktop.






Dial up settings

Username realemailuser42

Password realemail

Phone number 08440570703